Meet Hansel bailey

Hansel Bailey is a professional chef. As a talented, self-taught young chef with a love for all types of cuisine, Hansel received a full scholarship to one of the best culinary schools in the United States.


Although Hansel Bailey found that he had an innate talent in the kitchen, he worked hard to learn the theories and techniques behind cooking while at culinary school. After graduating from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, Hansel returned home to Newport Beach, California. For the next several years, he worked at various restaurants in Newport Beach and Los Angeles.


After gaining this valuable experience and quickly becoming one of the top chefs in his area, Hansel Bailey was invited by several restauranteurs to work at some of the finest restaurants in the country. As a result, Chef Hansel traveled around the United States, working in numerous kitchens. During this time, he gained extensive experience with all types of cuisine and styles of cooking.

Currently, Hansel lives in Newport Beach and works as a culinary consultant. He helps other chefs and restauranteurs develop their menus and locales. Whether you’re looking for quality fine dining or a hearty homestyle meal, Hansel Bailey can cook up the perfect dish or menu!