Professional Chef in Newport Beach, California

Hansel Bailey is a professional chef based out of Newport Beach, California. Chef Hansel has worked in numerous kitchens around the USA. Currently, he works as a consultant helping other chefs and restauranteurs develop their menus and locales. Hansel Bailey has a wealth of experience working in kitchens of all types. Whether you’re looking for quality fine dining options, or a hearty homestyle meal, Hansel Bailey can cook up the perfect dish!

"The culinary industry is one of the most exciting, in my opinion. There are so many aspects to being a professional chef that a lot of people don’t think about. And that’s what I love about the job. Not only do I get to create amazing food — which is what I love to do — but I also get to manage a kitchen, select ingredients, mingle with clients and customers, and experiment with new flavors and techniques. "
Hansel Bailey


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A chef might dread a picky eater that they are to prepare a meal for, view it as an inconvenience, or regard it as an opportunity to impress someone who is difficult to please.

Newport Beach, largely recognized for its marvelous coastline, is a town with a wealth of restaurants that place a premium on fresh ingredients, locally grown vegetables, and delectable dishes.